Bag End 5X7
Joker Print 5x7


Can I request my favorite characters?

Absolutely! I love doing fan art. It's my favorite kind. Just let me know what you would like!

Do you do portraits?

Yes! My only request is that you need to provide me with a good picture. I do not accept photoshopped or spliced photos. Trust me, you won't like the outcome! For personal portraits (of yourself or family members), I prefer to do watercolor/digital work. It's my specialty and my biggest strengths reside in watercolor/digital. 

What is your turn around time?

Digital commissions usually can be done within a week. 

For watercolors, about two weeks. 

For acrylic and oils, I request at least a month (for larger than 18X24, I would say 2-3 months).

You can request an expedited painting for a slightly higher rate! :)

How do you charge?

You can find a complete break down of my pricing here

What's my next step? 

Contact me and we'll discuss what you want painted, medium, size, etc. After we get all the details hashed out, I require a 50% deposit and I will send you a contract. Once the deposit is delivered and the contract is signed, I will begin your piece! Woo!

Let me know what's on your mind

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